Introduction: Tools of the Trade

by J.S. Kupperman

Welcome to the 2014 Vernal Equinox issue of theJournal of the Western Mystery Tradition– Tools of the Trade.

The evidence for the use of tools in magical practice stretches back to antiquity. This should not be overly surprising: we are a tool-using species. Over the millennia, the implements used to work magic, contact spirits and god, create talismans, etc., have changed a great deal in regards, and very little in others. In modern hermetic magical practice, for instance, rarely is a cat ritually deified by drowning it in milk and mummifying it, thus preparing its (irrational) soul to bring a spirit to us. However, wands, magic chants, circles, swords, etc., have been used in various ways for many hundred, in some cases thousands, of years for spiritual and/or esoteric practice. Even written missives, letters and other forms of correspondence, have been used as magical tools.

This issue of the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition celebrates and explores different kinds of magical and spiritual working tools, from Enochiana to the intoxicating magic chalice to the letters of Freemason and Rosicrucian Frederick Hockley. This issue also includes a special tribute to the late Vincent Bridges.

As always, I hope you enjoy this issue of the JWMT. Our next issue focuses on higher planes of being. For more information, see the announcements section.