Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition
No. 22, Vol. 3. Vernal Equinox 2012

Things That Go Bump Whenever the Hell They Want
Introduction by J. S. Kupperman

Almost every culture has had within its theology beings commonly referred to as “demons.”  Demons are not the tricksters, the imps, the trolls, the ghosts or goblins. Demons represent evil and chaos as a primal and primordial level. They are the fallen angels, the children of Lilith, Gnostic Archons, Asura, Jotunn, Formore and more. They are things that go bump, but sure as hell don’t give a damn as to what time of day or night they do so.

This issue of the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition brings you two pieces of demonology. The first is an introduction to classical, Western demonology from Judaism, Christianity and the Solomonic grimoire tradition, including a discussion as to how these have been employed in the popular genres of Urban and Contemporary Fantasy. The second, divided into two sections, is an account of the grimoiric magic of one “David Murgatroyd.” This not only includes an account of Murgatroyd’s magic, but a lengthy excerpt from his personal grimoire.

We are now accepting abstracts for the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition Conference 2012! information on abstract submission, topics and the conference can be found here. The next, and possibly last, issue of the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition is on the Apocalypse!