Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition
No. 13, Vol. 2. Autumnal Equinox 2007


J. S. Kupperman

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J. S. Kupperman
Frater L.
Samuel Scarborough

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Vincent Bridges, Teresa Burns, Jessica Elbert, David Harrington, J. S. Kupperman, Aaron J. Leitch, J. Alan Moore, Samuel Scarborough, Nancy Turner, Dean F. Wilson


The Cover Art: A Body Proportioned - J. S. Kupperman

A recreation of an image from Agrippa's De Occulta Philosophia. The perfect proportions of the Microcosm are found amidst the starry sky.

by J. S. Kupperman
Sacred geometry can be found in cultures spanning the globe and the millenia, and, apparently, right here, too.

The Decad of Creation
by Aaron J. Leitch
In this bit of Ma'aseh Berishit, Aaron Leitch presents a Pythagero-Hermetic interpretation of the Qabalistic Tree of Life.

A Sacred Geometry within the Book of Creation
by J. S. Kupperman
Can the soul be found in geometry? this discussion of geometrical patters within the Sefer Yetzirah may hold an answer.

The Consecrated Little Book of Black Venus part two: Olympic Spirits, the Cult of the Dark Goddess, and the Seal of Ameth (Updated)
by Vincent Bridges and Teresa Burns
How the last well-known witch cult in western Europe may have shaped the geometries of “Angel Magick”

A Translation of Theorems 1-17 of John Dee’s Monas Hieroglyphica
by Nancy Turner and Teresa Burns
The first redaction in 40 years of Dee’s enigmatic sacred geometry treatise, with detailed translators notes.

The Hieroglyphic Monad of John Dee - Theorems I-XVII: A Guide to the Outer Mysteries
by Teresa Burns and J. Alan Moore
The INRI/LVX transformation central to modern western esotericism concludes the first seventeen theorems of this classic work. How does John Dee get from a point, line, and circle to the analysis of the key word?



Book Reviews
Sacred Geometry - review by Samuel Scarborough
The Secret History of Hermes Trismegistus - review by J. S. Kupperman


Poetry and Fiction
Blushing Bride - David Harrington
Flashback - David Harrington
Hopa and the Dead Man, part III - Jessica Elbert
The Sound of Sandals - Dean F. Wilson


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